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  • Established in 2011, Shenzhen SOSEN Electronics Co Ltd(hereafter as SOSEN) with a registered capital of 70.89 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of LED Driver. Our products are widely used in street lighting and industrial lighting. , Landscape lighting and other important engineering projects, and have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, is one of the main suppliers of domestic medium and high-power LED drive power products
  • SOSEN is headquartered in SOSEN Innovation Park, Bao'an District, with more than 20,000 square meters of intelligent production sites, achieving an annual output of more than 6.2 million units, and currently employs more than 1,200 people. Our products are mainly supplied to downstream LED lighting manufacturers for the manufacture of medium and high-power LED lighting products. The terminal products are mainly used in large outdoor LED lighting facilities such as urban roads and bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, and industrial LED lighting such as industrial plants and warehouses. Facilities, while expanding into emerging application areas such as plant lighting. Focusing on the two major application areas of outdoor road lighting and industrial and mining lighting, the company has now formed 23 series and over 300 best-selling product models. The main medium and high power products cover the power range of 15W-800W. There are 7 series for industrial and mining lighting. Xuan is one of the brands with highly complete product specifications in the field of industrial and mining lighting LED drive power supplies. The company's full range of products are produced in compliance with ROHS standards. The products have passed ISO9001, CCC, UL, BIS, SAA, TUV, CE, C-tick, CQC, IP66, IP67, FCC, REACH and other domestic and foreign industry top certifications . At present, SOSEN is one of the most competitive LED outdoor LED Driver brand benchmark companies in the outdoor LED outdoor drive industry.
  • As a national high-tech enterprise, SOSEN adheres to the principle of "innovation-driven development", technological innovation and continuous improvement; as of September 2020, SOSEN has applied for 130 patents, including 36 invention patents, 90 utility model patents, and appearance patents. 4, and 16 PTC applications; 8 software registration copyrights; a total of 94 patents, including 11 invention patents, 79 utility model patents, and 4 appearance patents; 8 software registration copyrights and fully independent intellectual property rights . SOSEN was rated as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Promise-keeping Enterprise", "Guangdong Province High-growth Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "Shenzhen City Key Enterprise with Strong Quality", "SOSEN Independent Innovation New Enterprise" , And set up "Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center", "Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research Center"; SOSEN Power won the "Shenzhen Famous Brand", "LED Initiative Award-Excellence Award", "Golden Finger Award for Excellent LED Power Brand",  "Quality Gold Award" and other honors.
  • With the increasing trend of LED lighting products to fully replace traditional lighting products, in the future, smart lighting represented by smart light poles, industrial lighting emerging markets represented by plant lighting and UV LED are increasingly bringing new growth space to the industry. SOSEN will continue to uphold the mission of "providing stable, reliable, high-efficiency and energy-saving products, and creating value for customers", actively lead the industry to standardization and intelligent development, and strive to create an "excellent brand of driving power."

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  • 2020 Feb

    Obtained the qualification of "Guangdong Province Smart City Outdoor High-power LED Intelligent Driving Power Engineering Technology Research Center"

    2020 April

    Apply for a GEM IPO listing

    2020 June

    Has more than 90 authorized patents and obtained more than 220 multinational product certifications

    2020 Oct

    Preparing to build a high-power LED smart power production base project in Zhongshan

  • 2019 June

    Awarded "Guangdong Province High-growth SMEs"

    2019 July

    Shenzhen Zhongxiaodan Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and other external professional investment institutions increased their capital and invested shares

    2019 Aug

    Completed IPO counseling and filing in Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau

    2019 Oct

    Established Guangdong SOSEN Power Technology Co., Ltd.

    2019 Nov

    Obtained "Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center" qualification certification

    2019 Dec

    Awarded "National High-tech Enterprise" for the second time

  • 2018 Feb

    Awarded "Shenzhen Famous Brand"

    2018 Aug

    Established Shenzhen SOSEN Electronics Co., Ltd. Shajing Branch

    2018 Nov

    Awarded "Shenzhen's Top 50 Profitable Companies on the New Third Board"

  • 2017 July

    Successfully listed on the New OTC Market (stock code: 871785)

  • 2016 Dec

    Obtained "National High-tech Enterprise" qualification certification

    2016 Dec

    Completion of joint stock company restructuring

  • 2015 Jan

    Awarded "China's Top Ten Companies in LED Outdoor Lighting Driver Power Competition"

    2015 Oct

    Relocated to Shajing SOSEN Innovation Park

  • 2014

    Awarded as an excellent LED driver brand in China's lighting industry

  • 2013

    Products have passed UL/TUV/CCC/SAA/CE and other global certifications

  • 2012

    Passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification

  • 2011


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